Scott + Kris

Three words that describe us the best are Creative, Committed, One. Married for more than 20 years we are very in love and passionate about life. Dubuque has been our home for most of our adult life, we met years ago by chance and have been inseparable ever since. As a couple we enjoy doing many things together. If you watch us on Facebook, you are sure to experience some our passions. We choose to live life to our fullest ability in the moment for today, our time is too short for regrets. Outside of photography we enjoy gardening, walking barefoot in the grass, to be outside in our yard, watching it rain, kayaking and exploring the world. Our life is a journey that starts new every day!

We have a loving family including our daughter Katie and son Jake. Our children have grown into young adults now and are pursuing their own goals in life. We also have nine chickens that act as our surrogate children. They are Debbie, Florence, Henrietta, Marvin, Ruby, Claire, Orchid and Fifi. Despite their names they are all hens who lay us beautiful eggs.

In the rest of our spare time we continuously further our education in photography. We explore our craft through business coaching, various classes like After Dark, Box University, National, State and Local Conventions as well as smaller classes, exploring art museums and watching art documentaries on YouTube and Creative Live. We also challenge our artistic vision and skills through photographic competition and have both won various awards.